The company Theatro Niño Proletario was created by Luis Guenel, Sally Campusano, Francisco Medina and Catalina Devia in 2005 as a center of theatrical research and artistic creation. The name of the company alludes to the story with the same title by Argentine writer Olvaldo Lamborghini about a boy whose life is full of misery and who is not able to break away from poverty and discrimination. The story raises the same themes that the company explores in their artistic work: social ills, failures that predetermine the identity of the marginals. Brought onto the stage, these topics create a space for enjoyment, recognition and analysis for the audience.

Working on such themes as territory, memory, gender, social class, the common and the individual, in the last seven years Teatro Niño Proletario has produced “Hambre” (Hunger), “Temporal” (The Storm), “El Olivo”, and “El Otro” (The Other). Through these productions, the group has developed its own distinct language and has collaborated with outstanding national and international actors.

The productions of Teatro Niño Proletario have featured prominent national and international actors. In the last years, the group developed its own unique language. Its productions participated in the major national and international festivals: FITAM Santiago a Mil (Chile, 2009 and 2011), Festival Cielos del Infinito (Chile, 2009 and 2011); the festival APAC of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia, 2011); Festival Fira de Tàrrega, Barcelona, ULLS, the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Cádiz, (Spain, 2011); the festival of Manizales, (Colombia), Mirada Ibero American Festival of Performing Arts of Santos, the International Festival of Dourados, and the Chilean Theater Cycle in SESC Consolaçao (Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2012).

After the intense beginning, Teatro Niño Proletario has come to a stage of revision and transformation. The recent production of the group is “El Otro” (The Other) created in collaboration with outstanding actors Paz Errázuriz and Diamela Eltit. The play, based on the novel “El Infarto del Arma”, was premiered in the Factoría Italia, an unconventional performance space located in the Barrio Italia, Santiago de Chile.








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