El Olivo


“El Olivo” (2009) is the first production of the company based on the original playwright. The play delves into the theme of social exclusion stemming from the geographic isolation.

A group of men and women, hopeless and despaired, seek an ultimate refuge for their lives and find it in a desolate village in the south of Chile. They drag their existence fuelled by alcohol, finding an escape and communion with others in a never-ending party.

Life is passing by without any surprises until one day a mysterious announcement causes a stir in the town. Hung posters inform of an unexpected arrival, a ship called Caleuche*, the ship that will drastically change the lives of the characters forcing them to take an important and radical decision.

The play focuses of the theme of survival in the situation of complete absence of opportunities, the need for love, distorted human relationships and the bitter feeling of being deceived by your own country.

A fragmented story, a piece of the country, a space of resistance, figures, hints, interjections which is an attempt to respond to the need to shape the Chilean identity.

*Caleuche according to the legend is a phantom ship crewed by the dead who continue their existence once aboard.