“El Otro” (The Other). Based on the book “Stroke of the Soul” by Chilean photographer Paz Errázuriz and writer Diamela Eltit, the play focuses on the theme of love, the possibility of love in a psychiatric hospital. Through a succession of images, bodies, babbling and interjections, immersed in this indefinite place, “El Otro” explores the question of emotional survival in the today’s world.

The project “El Otro” also presents an exhibition by Paz Errázuriz featuring photos of the actors at work on the play, which create a dialogue with the original images of “Stroke of the Soul”.


The protagonists are patients in love. Mere futile bodies in the eye of the system, they manage to open up themselves to the frantic rhythm of the city, to the distorted social relationships, to the uncertainty of our lives.

We visited the mental institutions doubting whether we would find anything there that makes us equal, connects with us. We came to witness an avalanche of colours, twisting bodies, howling and monosyllables not knowing what would happen next. We came with the distrust looking through the lens of traditional education, but willing to inhabit this space the same way its patients do to feel at least for an instant this mad love, a distorted, unique and elusive love, which seems to be possible only on the border of insanity and privation.