The monologue of a man/woman based on the voice of a child taken from the book “Los Vigilantes” (Custody of the Eyes) written by Chilean Diamela Eltit. The play reflects on social conditions, what pushes people to live on the streets, and family relationships that become twisted when a watching eye protects the established normality. In the story, the maternal figure emerges from the unconscious as a huge burden that our protagonist must carry before danger, whilst the father, represented as the Fatherland, is portrayed as an invisible character who, from his absence, manages feelings of guilt.

“Hambre”, therefore, is a great verbal and physical delirium that develops through the stage journey of the actor. This journey begins by questioning the desolate place where the marginalised body is found, follows through the madness of material shortages and parental deficiencies until finally violently confronting the image of a country that should give all its inhabitants a sense of identity and belonging.

Cast: Francisco Medina and María Díaz
Director: Luis Guenel Soto
Designer: Catalina Devia Garrido
Dramaturgy: Sally Campusano, Francisco Medina, Luis Guenel
Graphic Design: Patricio Jiménez
Stage production: Rodrigo Iturra
Production: Sally Campusano