“Hambre” is a monologue narrated by a child´s voice. The play is based on the novel “Los Vigilantes” by Chilean writer Diamela Eltit. The monologue is a reflection about the narrator’s life, the decision to live in the street, the necessity to escape from the officials, the watchmen, and from the family ties distorted by the existence of a vigilant eye safeguarding the established normality. A figure of the mother appears from the subconsciousness like a burden one has to bear in face of danger. While the father, unified with the image of the fatherland, invisibly controls the sense of guilt, “hunger” is a verbal and body delirium which develops on stage through the monologue. The monologue questions the desolated place where the marginalized body exists, who goes through insanity of deprivation (material and paternal) only to confront in despair with an image of his/her country which is supposed to provide its citizens with an identity and the sense of belonging.